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Founded in 2015, Cardinal has always been dedicated to providing high quality, professional-grade pest control equipment for anyone who strives to create a beautiful landscape around their home.

Our community is made up of homeowners, gardeners, and landscapers throughout North America and South America who all share the same passion for creating safe, clean, and flourishing environments. We make pest control at home easy and effective, by developing backpack sprayers and foggers that are affordable and powerful.  

Spray Today
Enjoy Tomorrow

When you purchase a Cardinal product, your journey with us doesn’t end. We offer spraying techniques, home pest control tips, and troubleshooting throughout the life of your backpack sprayer or fogger. We also support our customers with our 1-year warranty to ensure your product is functioning at its best.

As our company evolves, we strive to be better in every aspect. Along with our affordable gas-powered pest control machinery, we have developed a lithium battery sprayer to support our focus on greener technology.  

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The New Normal

We understand the importance of keeping your loved ones healthy. As our world transitions into a new normal, we are helping homeowners and small businesses create a safe environment by providing disinfectant backpack sprayers and foggers.  

Built For Your Home

We have specifically designed our products to be easy to use, making any pest control or landscaping job painless. Whether you are enjoying an outdoor barbecue or relaxing on your patio, you'll feel confident your home is clean and bug-free with the Power of Cardinal.  

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