Easy Steps To Get Rid Of Pests Around The House

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As we head into fall, it’s important to pay attention to areas around the house that pests can settle. Millipedes, spiders, crickets, and many other insects move their way inside as the weather gets colder. Mites, mosquitoes, and ticks continue to find optimal breeding grounds while they prepare for winter. Although many critters may not survive the winter season, their eggs will. Without proper pest control, a cozy home is the ideal environment to lay these eggs.


At Cardinal, we are dedicated to making pest control at home easily accessible for all. The changing seasons presents new challenges to keep bugs at bay, therefore it is important to understand how to get rid of them before they become an overwhelming issue.


Take these steps to ensure pests do not make a comfortable home inside of yours:


Rake Away Leaves


Us humans are not the only ones who enjoy when leaves change color and fall during this time of year. Dead leaves on the ground make the perfect environment for pests such as mites and aphids to lay their eggs around a solid foundation. Keep your yard clean from bugs by raking away any fallen leaves at least three feet away from your house.


Wipe Down Windows

While most households have their windows open during the warmer months to keep the house feeling fresh, many bugs take advantage and begin preparing their winter game plan. Open windows and screens can be the perfect place for pests to lay their eggs. Moths are attracted to this type of environment and tend to lay eggs around early fall. Be sure to wipe the inside and outside of your windows often to avoid bugs settling in.


Clean Your Surroundings

If you have trees, bushes, or any vegetation touching the walls and windows of your home, it is crucial to create at least one foot of clear space. Pests tend to move their way from branches and leaves into warmer areas inside. Avoid cluttered brush that encourages pests to cozy up in openings around the house. Maintain a consistent schedule for clipping excess brush.


Empty Water Sources

Getting rid of mosquitoes in your yard tends to be an issue all around the country. Although summer is over, mosquitoes love to linger around water year-round. Be mindful of any buckets, bird baths, gutters, or any other still water sources that may be surrounding your home. Along with itchy bites, mosquitoes can carry harmful diseases.


Be Prepared

The best way to ensure pests do not invade your home and yard is by having a plan. Once your home is clean and cleared of any potential invasion areas, the next step is to spray down the interior and exterior. A battery powered sprayer is perfect for applying pesticides safely and effectively. Our 4 Gallon 21 Volt Battery Powered Backpack Sprayer provides a convenient way to protect your home. As you spray, take a close look at your surroundings to target and fill in any cracks that bugs may use to get in.


Even though many critters do not survive colder weather, their eggs can. Pest control at home can be a daunting task, but with the right game plan, you can make sure they don’t use your house as shelter for the upcoming winter season.


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