How To Replace The Recoil Starter On A Backpack Fogger

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When the engine on your backpack fogger is not starting, one of the first parts to examine is the recoil starter. Common issues with a recoil starter could be a broken string or a jammed string. If this is the case, replacing it will be your best option.

In this video, our warehouse crew demonstrates how to replace the recoil starter on a backpack fogger in a few simple steps. 


1. Use a 4mm Allen wrench to unscrew the 4 bolts on the old recoil starter.

2. Carefully remove the old recoil starter from the unit. 

3. Place the new recoil starter onto the unit by aligning the holes and with the cord facing upwards. 

4. Using your 4mm Allen wrench, screw in the 4 bolts onto the unit. 

Your backpack fogger is now ready to start up! 


This recoil starter is compatible with TMD14 and CMD65.


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Tomahawk Power Backpack Fogger

Cardinal Sprayers Backpack Fogger


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