Fix a Common Leak with Backpack Foggers In 5 Simple Steps

Posted by Ivana Hermida on


The most common leaks with backpack foggers can be fixed simply by reattaching tubing within the tank.


1. Remove the cap from the top of the fogger's chemical tank.

2. Leaking may be caused by the tubing attached to the strainer

3. If the tubing is loose or disconnected from the base of the tank, reattach the tube

4. Fit the tube tightly around the the nozzle at the base of the backpack fogger's chemical tank

5. Dry off your fogger thoroughly and fill the chemical tank with water to monitor the leakage


We hope these steps helped you find a quick fix to a leak in your Cardinal Backpack Fogger's tank. 

Note: If the tank continues to leak, reach out to the Cardinal Sprayers Customer Service Team.

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