How To Avoid Mosquitoes Around Your Home

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One of the most common pest problems around the country involves mosquitoes. Their painful bites often leave itchy marks, potentially transmitting serious diseases. Every single state has become a home to these irritating insects.

Because they are so persistent, effective mosquito control around your home, yard, and landscape can feel daunting. Learning what type of environment they thrive in and how to get rid of existing populations is essential to prevent infestations. With the right strategy, at-home treatments for mosquitoes can provide long-lasting relief.


Here’s how to avoid mosquitoes from infesting in and around your home:


Know Where They Hide And Lay Eggs


The first step in keeping mosquitoes away from your home is understanding where they like to hide out and lay their eggs. It is well known that mosquitoes love to be around stagnant water and moist environments. Typical areas around the yard could be bird baths, gutters, gardening pots, and areas where rainwater gathers. Most female mosquitoes will lay their eggs in these water sources, and eggs tend to hatch and become larvae within 48 hours.

Unfortunately, most of the mosquito habitats around the yard are created by us. Dense yard debris that gets tossed to the corner such as old tires and tarps provide a warm, shady home for them. In addition to debris, other yard items like gutters often get filled up with moist debris, which mosquitoes love.


Prevent Them From Populating


After knowing where mosquitoes like to be, you can now take steps towards prevention. To avoid future mosquitoes from laying eggs and repopulating, you need to maintain an environment that drives them away. Mosquitoes love shady areas to cool off during the day, so make sure to maintain your yard by trimming overgrown hedges, bushes, branches, and grass about once a week.

Along with trimming, dump out any standing water such as dog bowls, plant saucers, and bird baths daily. Go through areas or corners of the yard that have collected old junk. The best time to check for mosquitoes is the day after a rainstorm. Water collecting in small, discreet areas could be potential breeding grounds. A clean yard with minimal damp areas is ideal to hinder reproduction. Maintain a consistent routine for cleaning up these areas around your house.

At Cardinal, we are dedicated to helping those who want  to take pest control into their own hands. Treatment for mosquitoes requires simple steps and basic knowledge of your environment. To receive more pest control tips and tricks, subscribe to our newsletter.


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