How To Replace A Carburetor On A CMD65 Backpack Fogger Mist Blower

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The carburetor is the heart of your engine. Without it, nothing can function properly. In the Cardinal 3HP Backpack Fogger Duster, the carburetor is located between the air filter and the engine housing.  

The carburetors main function is sustaining the perfect air to fuel ratio to keep the engine running smoothly. In some cases, if you find your Backpack Fogger not working correctly, the carburetor may just need some fine tuning. In more serious cases, you may need to replace it entirely. 




Learn how to replace your carburetor in a few easy steps:  


What You Will Need



Step 1:

Untwist the top and bottom knobs to remove the air filter cover.

Step 2:

Remove the air filter.

Step 3:

Use an Allen wrench to loosen the two screws (located inside the back of the air filter cover) from the engine housing.

Step 4:

Separate the back of the air filter cover. Then separate the carburetor from the two screws.

Step 5:

Dispose of the used gasket. 

Step 6:

Remove the throttle and gas lines from the old carburetor.

Step 7:

Attach the throttle and gas lines to the new carburetor.

Step 8:

Slide the new carburetor and new gasket onto the two screws attached to the back of the air filter cover.

Step 9:

Align the screws with the holes on the engine housing.

Step 10:

Tighten the screws with an Allen wrench to secure the carburetor and the air filter cover backing in place. 

Step 11:

Insert the air filter.

Step 12:

Apply the air filter cover. 

Step 13:

Tighten the top and bottom knobs to secure in place.


With a brand new carburetor in place, your engine on your CMD65 Backpack Fogger will be running great! 


We hope this guide helped you get the most out of your backpack sprayer. Check back in to Tomahawk's comprehensive library of manuals, assembly guides, videos, & more to power your world!

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